Mission:  foster a diverse, inclusive community

VISION:  provide nutritious meals, educational opportunities, creative

outlets, and a safe space regardless of means

VALUES:  people, connection, positivity, participation, service,

sustainability, respect, local sources, nourishing food

We are currently in the beginning stages of acquiring our not-for-profit status. While we wait, we are fundraising, networking, and building community by sharing our delicious cold brew in Humboldt Park. The future holds a brick and mortar location where all of us humans, and all of our differences, can come together to eat and share our lives with each other, whether we've got the money for it, or not. We hope to be a community space with food, beverages, different classes like art, yoga or English, and neighborhood events galore.

We appreciate any questions or comments, and if you'd like to know more about our project or how you can help,

please feel free to reach out using the contact info found below.


Over this summer, at the corner of California & Division, we posted up in Humboldt Park every Saturday with our bike and trailer full of cold brew coffee & snacks. This was both to practice our pay-as-you-can model and to build community & passion behind our project.

And wow! After finishing up the summer with a bigger community of volunteers and supporters,

we feel more prepared to take the next steps, which look like the following:

1. Obtain 501(c)(3) status (Update: We’ve applied & are awaiting its arrival!)

2. Set up group meetings & meals with fellow business owners, organizations & community members to gain info & get feedback

3. Find a suitable location to rent/own

To start with these steps, we’ve decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign online. This means pretty soon we are going to be able to help provide a super fun and safe space for all. Please jump on this tandem with us and help move it!



Curious About Our Cold Brew??

Brewing with Passion House Coffee Roasters has been SUCH a delicious and happy step in our business. The coffee is always tasty and even better, they stress the importance of ethically grown and traded beans for their roasting. Currently we are using their Chicago House Blend for our cold brew recipe. Check out their website here!

On a different note, if you'd like us to "pop-up" at one of your events or put in a bulk order of our cold brew, please contact us at: meg@tandemwaycafe.com