Okay, I know 2017 wasn't that long ago, but our non-profit situation has grown like crazy since our first sale on May 29th of last year. It was our first try at using the "pay-what-you-can" model and it worked! We were able to chat about our project, to share our delicious cold brew (sometimes for free) and donate $24 to the YMCA! This may seem small, but we covered 100% of our costs and had positive revenue which went to our cause for the day, The YMCA of Chicago. This was an incredibly positive business learning experience (and it was fun!). 

Since then, we've had dozens of sales which have all covered our costs and then some. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our growth. We look forward to updating you here on this blog page. My name's Meg and I'll be writing the first few posts. Then I'll be asking some contributors to tell you all about their Tandem Way Cafe experience as well as some projects they're working on to contribute to a baller world community. Let's do this together guys! Happy Memorial Day weekend, hope to see you at the sale on Saturday! 

Check our twitter account for live updates: @tandemwaycafe